After the incident, to ensure the safety of the system, our engineers inspected the tracks at Clementi, Buona Vista and Commonwealth MRT stations to certify that service could resume again
The MRT encountered its first major incident on the morning of 5 August 1993 when two trains collided at the Clementi MRT station. Due to a technical fault, an east-bound train from Jurong was held up at 7.50am at the Clementi MRT station. The next train arrived on schedule. Although the driver had applied the brake, the train was unable to stop completely before it hit the stationary train in the station. 156 commuters were injured. An independent inquiry committee was set up immediately to investigate the accident. Operations at Clementi, Buona Vista and Commonwealth MRT stations had to stop for the engineers to inspect the tracks, signals, power and other installations. It turned out that a locomotive carrying out maintenance work earlier that morning had a broken rubber ring, which leaked oil onto the tracks from Buona Vista MRT station to Ulu Pandan depot. Although the incident was reported, the cleaning crew tasked to clear up the oil leak was delayed by the station masters, who were then about to change shift. The unfortunate incident could have been avoided if the oil leak had been dealt with promptly. This incident led to the tightening of procedures and the establishment of a stronger safety culture in SMRT.