Koh Yong Guan
This year, we celebrate 50 years of Singapore’s independence. We have developed to become a vibrant leading global city with a high standard of living. A safe and efficient public transport system, in particular a reliable urban rail system, is an important infrastructure for an economy and densely populated city-state like ours. Since 1987, we have played a pivotal role in the local public transport landscape. We have helped to enhance the lives of our people by changing the way they live, work and play using the convenience of the fast and seamless connectivity provided by our network. SMRT has become a household name. Our network is an integral part of our lives, and our country. Many SMRT staff, at all levels, have made significant contributions in this endeavour. This book captures the story of our journey, the lives of our people, how we have grown with Singapore over the years, and the confidence we share in our future. Let’s relish the walk down memory lane and embrace, as a family, both the challenges and opportunities that await us out there.