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The SMRT Gift of Mobility is a community assistance programme initiated in 2008. Working closely with Volunteer Welfare Organisations and Community Development Councils (CDCs), the programme provides financial assistance to low-income residents with mobility needs to enable them to use taxi services to seek medical treatment or employment, until more permanent transport arrangements can be made available to them. The Central Singapore CDC has been one of our programme partners since 2011. They match dollar-for-dollar the amount that SMRT donates to the CDC. To date, we have 920 beneficiaries from the Central Singapore CDC receiving subsidies to defray taxi costs. Since 2008, SMRT has contributed more than $1.2 million and enabled more than 7,400 beneficiaries, including children with special needs, to travel around Singapore more easily. We hope to extend the programme to more people with restricted mobility so they too can achieve greater independence.