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With the turn of the century, Singapore’s rapidly growing economy raised the issue of how the public transport system would meet the travel needs of a growing population. By 2000, SMRT Corporation Limited (SMRT) was incorporated and listed on the Singapore Exchange. In July 2001, Singapore was a step closer to a more integrated public transport system when plans for a merger between train operator, SMRT, and bus and taxi operator, Trans-Island Bus Services (TIBS) Holdings, came into play. By the end of the year, with the merger, the public transport landscape in Singapore was transformed. We became Singapore's first truly multi-modal transport operator. The move to establish TIBS as a wholly-owned subsidiary of SMRT brought together 2,987 TIBS employees and 3,115 SMRT employees. The expanded workforce of 6,102 was responsible for a combined fleet of 790 buses, 2,000 taxis, 106 MRT trains and 19 LRT train cars. This set the stage for a new phase of ridership and revenue growth. Today, SMRT has a fleet of more than 1,200 buses, 3,500 taxis as well as 200 MRT trains and LRT train cars. Road and rail operations were transformed to give Singaporeans better connectivity and shorter door-to-door travel times, boosting the appeal of commuting by public transport. Instead of having to manage sometimes conflicting bus and train schedules, the public could now enjoy a better connected transport system.